Reply To: Gout Seeker Archive

Keith Taylor

Malcolm, the problem with GPs is, they dish out the pills, then send you on your way. The best people for pain control are hospital nurses. They don’t want to be disturbed all night by old men like me shrieking in agony, and sobbing in my pillow.

A wise man of old used to describe how he trained his doctor to prescribe the right treatments. It sounds like we must do that for you.

Colchicine is brilliant at stopping gout pain before it starts. But, for existing gout pain, it does nothing. Of course, our natural anti-inflammatories will deal with existing pain within a week. But, I believe anti-inflammatories should be used to give earlier relief. For relief within hours, anti-inflammatories can be supported with compatible pain blockers.

I understand gout. I don’t understand doctors.

Perhaps other gout sufferers can share their experiences of how they got effective pain control from a GP? ❓