Reply To: Got the UA kit, the results are in…

Keith Taylor

It’s very easy to measure urine pH. And, it’s pointless trying to alkalize without testing.

Personally, I’d prefer some type of digital device, but I couldn’t find anything suitable. So, in the UK, I buy pH Health Medical pH Test Strips for Urine , which is cheap, and simple to use. That product is currently unavailable in the USA. But, there are lots of products for testing urine pH.

Your target urine pH is always higher than 6.

The target pH for urine in healthy individuals is 6.5 to 7 in the morning, rising to 7.5 through the day.

So, make sure the product you choose is suitable for the right pH range. It must include the 5 to 8 range. It’s probably best to avoid any that include an Alkaline Foods Chart. In my experience, they are always wrong. But, you can ignore such false charts, and consult someone who knows what healthy alkaline diet means.