Reply To: Gout Seeker Archive


My GP has prescribed me analgesics (including stuff you can’t obtain legally without a prescription) even when I didn’t need them right away. All it’s ever required is being somewhat argumentative and in one instance some talk about getting the stuff from another doctor.

I once let an attack develop before trying to stop it with colchicine alone. It’s very slow but it works. Of course I can’t prove that the attack wouldn’t have gone away on its own but then I can’t prove it was gout to being with. There are lots of things we can’t prove but I don’t know why colchicine wouldn’t work if you give it time. I agree NSAIDs seem to work much faster but what about people who don’t tolerate them?
There is also the controversial matter of how much colchicine is effective and whether that amount is going to vary from patient to patient. As with other drugs, GPs may not be confident prescribing a large enough dose.