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Keith Taylor

By Heck[*], this is getting exciting. Except, it’s sad all these mice are suffering.

Dietary fiber and the short-chain fatty acid acetate promote resolution of neutrophilic inflammation in a model of gout in mice.

In conclusion, a high-fiber diet or one of its metabolic products, acetate, controls the inflammatory response to MSU crystals by favoring the resolution of the inflammatory response. Our studies suggest that what we eat plays a determinant role in our capacity to fine tune the inflammatory response.

Don’t we all want to fine-tune our inflammatory responses? With butyrate and acetate on our side, how can we fail? By the way, I’m sure I spotted somewhere that acetate is destroyed by alcohol. So, I’ll research that further when I get back from the pub.

[*] By Heck is Yorkshire for OMG. 🙂