Reply To: Personal Gout Diary: LManion


In my non-expert opinion, it makes sense (as is common practice it seems) to wait until you get more than just one flareup to worry about tests, specialists and other drugs.
However, your ability to manage the problem with Ibuprofen shouldn’t be a reason to be complacent. This class of drug can work wonders but they are also potentially dangerous and you could possibly paint yourself into a corner by relying on them for too long.
Furthermore, if you succeed at mitigating the root cause by losing weight and being careful about what you eat and drink, you could possibly end up with a milder chronic condition which becomes more difficult to diagnose over time.
To clarify: I’m talking about years, not weeks.
In any case, you’ll want to repeat that blood test if you can afford it. Results can vary quite a bit from one test to the next.