Reply To: Personal Gout Diary: LManion

Keith Taylor

Hey Lance, this replying to yourself thing is catching! 🙂

I wanted to wrap up some other half-finished tasks before I started on creating your forum. While I was doing so, I posted about the Dash diet for gout report.

DASH Diet for Gout photo

Will DASH Diet work for your Gout?

More importantly, for you, I spotted this within the report:

For patients with borderline-high SUA (between 6–7 mg/dL), it is reasonable to encourage implementation of the DASH diet with the expectation that SUA will be lowered by about 1.29 mg/dL, getting the patient to goal SUA. As a greater benefit was seen in patients with higher levels of SUA at baseline, it is also reasonable to attempt to lower SUA with a DASH-style diet prior to pharmacologic intervention for higher SUA level if the patient is amenable to trying this tactic [my bold]

I’m confident we can work on improving the 1.29 mg/dL. Because, I feel that a gouty version of the DASH diet should be achievable. So, I’m encouraged about the prospects of you succeeding with the Gout Dieter route to Gout Freedom.

Is the patient amenable to trying this tactic?