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Keith Taylor

James, your rheumatologist needs to read something from this century! Send him here for some education.

This is brief, but I’ll expand later as necessary.

I might have given the impression that you have to choose between drugs, herbs, or food to manage uric acid. That’s not true, so I’ll review my gout sufferer advice to ensure it’s clear:
1. You can mix and match drugs, herbs, and food. But normally, one is dominant. Hence Gout Patient, Gout Herbalist, Gout Dieter. That’s the quickest way to start a comprehensive gout recovery plan. Then, in the detail stage, you can pick appropriate therapies from each type.

2. You can change gout sufferer type between different stages of uric acid control:
a) Preparation
b) Titration
c) Debulking
d) Maintenance

Do me a favor guys. If there’s anything obvious in my plans that contradict that, can you let me know. The plans start at Questions for Gout Sufferers, then link to GoutPal Plan for…