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Hi Keith,

Thanks for your response mate. I’ve got the general gist to what you explained but still a little confused.

1. Ok I think I understand, but I’ll wait for the right words when you have time.. Thanks 🙂

2. Osmosis makes sense on this one. Concentration levels outside the coated crystals meet levels inside and therefore will move to the less concentrated zone (blood stream) exposing the now dissolved crystals as a result UA levels increase in the blood I assume.

3. I’ve read your discussion and love it thanks. I think I may have something to add to this one. My thesis is reasonably straightforward. They dissolve with the lower levels of UA and then the UA levels would naturally increase in the blood because of the dissolution of the crystals increasing the overall UA level once again which in turn may or may not cause new crystals. Depends on the UA level when they dissolved (thus another attack may occur)..?

4. I’m almost positive and agree that temperature is a big factor as my attacks generally start after a hot shower and not as often in the middle of the night. Potential increase in blood flow to the feet when showering which in turns cause a little expansion which may or may not dislodge a few crystals and an immune system attack is also imminent. What do you think on that idea..?

5. I’ve read that article before but it doesn’t seem to explain why it takes such a long time to build up and once they dissolve with treatment why it doesn’t take too long before they build up again and cause joint pain. I’ve had high UA for over 15 years and only got gout 2 years ago so it took 13 years to build up crystals and deposit them in joints and if I stop allopurinol it will only take a few months or let’s say maximum one year for an attack to flare up again. How does that work? Unless I’m understanding your article completely wrong..? 🙂

Thanks For everything Keith 🙂