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Keith Taylor

I agree with nobody’s “You shouldn’t focus too much on the fact some people have achieved an UA reduction with that diet”.

But, to help a little with exactly what you’re looking for Lance, have a look at my High Protein Foods list. Initially, it’s ordered by the amount of protein in a 100g serving. In the first 100, I spotted a couple of cheeses, my beloved spinach, asparagus, broccoli, and eggs. Also, it begs the question if the macronutrient ratio should balance over a day or a week???

Anyway, I’ve included that 40-30-30 (Zone) diet page in my suggestion: Review Foundation Diet Pages. I’m suddenly taken by the idea that a great way to start gout dieting would be:
1. Arrange monthly uric acid tests (doc, lab, or home, according to preference).
2. Between tests, trial one of the foundation diets.
3. Repeat with second and third choices.
4. Compare uric acid test results, and repeat trials if necessary.
5. Choose preferred eating style then tweak for better uric acid control, as required.

It would probably help to track weight. Also, exercise if that is significant. Personally, I’d include gout symptoms. But, I’m a data geek!

Also, personally, I’m not a fan of protein supplements. Unless you call smothering everything with spinach a form of supplementation! So, I’d definitely investigate safety research before starting any supplement.

Cheesy Baked Spinach for Gout photo

Who wants Cheesy Baked Spinach for Gout Protein?

Protein is great for gout. It encourages uric acid excretion. But, where do you get protein on a vegetarian diet? Get your veggie proteins for gout, now.