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Keith Taylor

Fundamentally, I’d say there is no need to worry about gout diet if you are successfully controlling uric acid with Feburic (febuxostat). But, there are two important considerations:
1. Your diet must remain healthy. There’s general healthy nutrition advice for India at
I haven’t researched this in detail. But, it looks better value than the so-called advice from someone trying to sell supplements. Are casein pills safe? Why not just drink milk for better uric acid control?
2. If you aim to reduce reliance on Feburic after dissolving most uric acid crystals, you will need specific help to get a better gout diet. Start with a personal gout diary. Then, ask about a personal gout diet plan.

Also, you might like to join the Meatless Protein and Gout discussion.

According to the Febuxostat label, there’s no restriction on time of day, or meals. But, it makes sense to take Feburic around the same time each day. More importantly, be sure to get liver function tests when you’re on febuxostat.