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Keith Taylor

In my experience, walking gives faster gout flare recovery. So, I believe you are just getting repeated attacks because your uric acid level is in a bad place. But, your next uric acid test results will provide better information.

“did you titrate on your doctor’s advice or just because you did your own research?”
A mixture of doctors advice and my determination. Because 3 doctors were happy to stop titrating once I reached average. But, I like to think I’m better than average. Then my fourth doctor was very supportive. So once I’d got to 300mg/day with no ill effects, I rapidly went to 600, then 900mg allopurinol per day. The doctor prescribed colchicine to take for 2 weeks at dose change. But, on the whole, I relied on max strength ibuprofen and paracetamol.

“Also what did you get your uric acid levels down to whilst being on 900mgs for those years?”
I recall it was less than 300μmol/L. But, I can’t remember the exact figure. So, I’m going to try and get my history when I see my doctor after Easter.

“Did you suffer any side effects?”

“Finally suffer an attack after attack on 900mgs for a few months?”
No, attacks were very rare, and I was prepared for them. I feel all my preparation was worthwhile. Because I knew exactly what to ask my doctors. Also, I knew that my best chance of least-pain recovery was to get as low as possible, as fast as possible.

“Thanks, Keith, you’ve been fantastic in helping me.”
I think you’ve helped me more! Because I cannot run this forum unless people like you are brave enough to discuss their health in public. So, you should be proud d_q! Because thousands of silent readers benefit from your questions and our discussions.