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Jean Clyne

Uric acid levels given were when testing wasfirst done last winter and then in the fall, hasn’t been done since starting on allopurinol.Celebrex dose was 2 per day during initial attack and did same when starting on allopurinol but have been able to cut dose down without any additional pain, can’t cut it to nothing or sore, swollen toe returns. I have been tested for rheumatroidarthritis, toe has been x rayed, other blood work shows up good. Symptoms of pain, aching, pins and needles always showed up several hours after eating meat, especially beef in different joints of fingers, knees, feet, toe or ankles, usually a different joint, that has occurred for at least 10 yrs, just never made the connection to gout caused by what I was eating. My delay in starting allopurinol was because uric acid levels were relatively normal so I wondered how much actually taking the drug would help but I was told the only way to get the uric acid out of my joints was to use it.
Last winter when the gout symptoms got really bad for the first time even eating a small amount of beans, lentils, chickpeas etc. with amounts of vegetable purines in them would affect me. Eating anything sweet would cause symptoms in minutes although that does not seem to be bothering me now.Gaviscon works for the heartburn, hardly ever had it before this, am just hoping my system will get used to the allopurinol.