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Keith Taylor

Hi Clayton,

I know that people adopt vegan diets for various reasons. But, if your main reason is for gout management, then you are right to be wary. However, I hope you read my paragraph in Why Vegan Diet is Worst for Gout:

If you are vegan, there is a lot you can do to make your diet gout-friendly. The report proves certain gout diet principles that we know about. It proves that some animal products are very good for gout. But, if your personal situation prevents you from consuming animal products, we can plan your diet around that. This is why I emphasize the need for personal diet planning. It is why I provide free personal gout diet plans. To get yours, you just have to ask in the forums.

Before I knew about this study, we discussed veganism and gout in the old gout forum occasionally. As it was never a popular topic, we never reached any great conclusions about the best vegan diet for gout. But, one positive factor did emerge: vegans tend to be skinny. So, since low weight is associated with less gout, vegans have at least one advantage. Furthermore, if we can supplement a vegan diet with those nutrients that help gout, a vegan diet could be very good for gout.

But, all of that is averages, and general points. None of which helps you as an individual gout sufferer, Clayton. So, if you want to become vegan, I can help you make a vegan diet gout-friendly. On the other hand, if you prefer vegetarian or omnivore, I can also help with other gout-friendly eating plans. Because, I always start with what you like to eat. Then, I find ways to incorporate your favorite foods into a healthy gout diet. Because, that approach is the only way to find a personal gout diet that you will stay with.

Statistically, vegan diet is worst for gout. But, individually, it’s easier to make it gout-friendly than many other eating styles.

To conclude, Clayton, how would you like me to help you avoid gout pain in future? Either a vegan diet for gout? Or, just improve what you like to eat now?