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Keith Taylor

That’s a great post, Gavin! I love lots of data, as it helps me draw real conclusions rather than guessing.

In conclusion, I agree your detailed readings match a Gout Hell scenario. Also, your diet seems healthy enough. Although I don’t have portion sizes to quantify that view. But, the true tests of diet are mainly covered by 2 simple measurements:

– Firstly, your weight. Because if this is slowly falling, you should see a small fall in uric acid numbers. But, I think we should wait for your doc’s input before taking that any further.

– Secondly, your urine pH. Because that tells you if you are getting the right proportion of fruit and veg in your diet. Then, if pH is less than 6.5, swap some foods for healthier options. For example, swap a slice of bread for spinach. Or, a little less cheese for a little more onion. Slow changes in the right direction are easier and more sustainable than sudden big changes.

Finally, I can’t wait to read your doctors opinions and advice. Hopefully, we can all work together to make sure 2017 is the only year you’ll ever suffer gout pain.