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Gavin Robinson

Hi @nobody

Yes, the doc gave me 12 x 0.5 mcg pills and said to take 1 as soon as an attack shows signs, if it hasnt improved after an hour then take another – no more than 4 a day. I did take another one last night at 10pm and another this morning at around 9am.

Foot was great yesterday, probably better than it’s been for 3 weeks I would say, even after that really bad attack on Friday night. If I could maintain it at that level I could definately be starting to exercise again. (at the moment just walking seems to bring it on). I was also taking 400mg Ibuprofen with each meal 1600mg in total over the day which I think is probably quite a lot!?

One odd thing that has happened is I now have a rash around my eyes (including the eyelids). I dont have a rash anywhere else. I’ve looked it up and it seems it could be a side effect of the Colchicine or the Ibuprofen. I’ve now stopped taking both until I see the doc at 10am tomorrow morning. I had a little bit of sick feeling yesterday for the odd 30 mins but nothing major, that could also have been down to the lack of sleep as I actually feel fine today. Not had any other issues than the eye rash so I will defo be breaching the option of preventative use with the doc tomorrow.