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“Generally, allopurinol should mean that you can eat anything you like. As long as you remember weight control and a good mix of healthy whole foods. But, it takes several months to work fully. So, it is usual to experience some gout symptoms at first. But, you are doing the right thing in getting uric acid checked. So, let’s hope you will soon be fully recovered.”

This is exactly what my rheumatologist pretty much said. As long as it isn’t organ based foods then it only really contributes to 15% uric acid production.

(Although I am changing rheumatologist as he seems to be pretty careless in everything except that one statement when he first prescribed me allopurinol)

The 15% can be enough for some people to control by food only. Me on the other hand loves food too much to fuss around with that 15% for a tablet or two a day. I’ll never be able to get it low enough anyway as I have secondary gout. Rapid cell breakdown and release of their uric acid is what is causing my gout.