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Yes, if your test results are temporarily elevated that implies they are expected to go down in the future… two ways of saying the same thing.
Variations are to be expected but the average daily mass of dissolved crystals should diminish over time which is why you can expect your UA to trend downwards.

I hope you’re experiencing pain from exercising injured and under-used muscles and tendons rather than arthritis.
But exercise might cause more crystal deposits to dissolve… which isn’t what you want right now because your system is apparently already struggling with the UA from deposits dissolving on their own. If too many crystals dissolve at the same time, you risk a serious attack.
Once you are mostly free of serious symptoms, you may want to speed up the dissolution of the remaining deposits with exercise. Until then, be careful.

If you can’t take colchicine, what about oral methylprednisone or similar?
I assume you are aware that the side effects of ibuprofen and naproxen add up.
If this class of drug (NSAIDs) is the only thing you can take for symptoms, I guess that would warrant taking a bit more allopurinol initially than someone who is able to take any drug.

I hope Keith will answer your questions because we do not always agree.