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Keith Taylor

nobody, I think it’s great that we bring different points of view to this forum. After all, gout management has to be tailored to each individual. Therefore different gout sufferers will, and should, make different choices.

Also, there are often several different ways to reach a solution. So, the only wrong way is that which is taken without considering patient needs. I realize this is a generalization. But, pain control is a good example. Personally, I think steroids are to be avoided at all costs. Yet, I vaguely recall an article by a rheumatologist. Where he explained that sometimes they can be the right choice. So, my approach generally is to look at what a gout sufferer is trying to achieve. Then, work from that, gathering relevant personal facts, to find acceptable, appropriate, gout therapies.

Unfortunately, I’ve completely lost the point of this topic. Also, it’s very long for finding any outstanding questions. So, d_q, can I ask you to start a new topic for any unresolved questions. In fact, unless they are closely related, I prefer one question per topic. I’m not trying to be awkward here. I just want it to be clear to other gout patients who are looking for information about general gout attack severity and gout duration.