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Keith Taylor

Hi Rich,

There’s no point in guessing about test results. So, all I can say is, it’s too high, irrespective of gout or not. So, as nobody suggests, now is the time to think about lifestyle improvements.

You said: “i m 31, 64 kgs, with a clean diet, not too much alchool, few beers per week(4,5) not every week. no soda, no processed food (only sometimes)”. But, that’s not necessarily a healthy eating plan.

My absolute minimum standard for healthy eating is the DASH diet. But, I much prefer Mediterranean style eating plans. These are not gout diets. But, they form a good foundation for healthy lifestyle, that can be tweaked for better gout control. At this stage, whether it’s gout or not, you have to assess if your diet is really “clean”. Because, high uric acid is also associated with a host of other diseases. But, most diseases respond well to real lifestyle improvements.

So, if you want a personal healthy eating plan, look at How to start your Personal Gout Diary. Or, we can just wait for your next blood test result.