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Keith Taylor

Hey Ruben ( @ruben-k ),

I’m sorry if this general discussion has put you off. Please let us know how your gout recovery is progressing.

Firstly, on: “I have been on allopurinol and uloric at different times in my life. I stopped using them because I did not like the idea of being on meds for extended amounts of time.”
It’s OK taking a break from uric acid control. But, that break has to be managed. So, you have to consider many aspects of gout management and your history. Then, you can plan and monitor a period of “allopurinol vacation”. Remember, there are too many factors to set a general plan for this. It requires accurate gout history, and deep understanding of uric acid control. Also, being on meds for extended amounts of time is always safer than uncontrolled uric acid. Because, excess uric acid is fatal.

“is this dosage too low considering my long history of gout?” The important factor that determines allopurinol dose is uric acid blood test result. So, test after 2 weeks, including liver function and kidney function tests. If all OK, increase allopurinol. Then, repeat every 2 weeks until you reach your uric acid target. But, if you haven’t agreed a target with your doctor, we can discuss that.

“colchicine and celery seed extract”. Colchicine is great as a preventative. But, sometimes a flare can still start. So, you need anti-inflammatory support, at such times.

Now, the issue I have with celery seed extract is, I cannot find any toxicology reports. Or, recommendations on safe human dosing. But, there are several laboratory reports of anti-inflammatory action. Also, it might assist with uric acid control. At least, celery seed extract helps artificially induced high uric acid in rats. So, it’s frustrating to see that celery seed extract might help. But, I have no idea if a dose that is effective against gout pain is safe. Anyway, the most important thing is to find something that works for you.

Ruben, in 15 years of gout have you ever found pain medicine combinations that work for you?