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Keith Taylor

I agree with Patrick, but I’d also like to add a couple of thoughts. Because, we know that the “how long will it take” question is impossible to answer. But, the important question is “am I doing enough to make gout a problem of the past”.

Now, we know that you’re getting another test soon. So, that will help us estimate the total time for recovery better. But, it’s only an estimate. Therefore, you need to be confident of gout pain control now. Because, that makes the unpredictability of duration easier to bear.

Gout pain control starts with your colchicine, Ruben. I was advised to take it as a preventative for 2 weeks whenever I change allopurinol dose. Other doctors advise taking it for six months. But, the important thing is to choose an option that suits you.

Next, you need to be prepared with naproxen for the days that colchicine needs a little help. You need maximum strength prescription from your doctor. Take it as required at the first sign of symptoms. Then, if gout pain has not resolved in 2 hours, take acetaminophen (paracetamol). Or, similar compatible pain-blocker, as advised by your doctor or pharmacist. Because, we must avoid “In the past I stopped because the flares were too brutal and nothing helped the pain”. I know we are all different, but I’ve never experienced a gout attack that didn’t respond to that 3-line strategy.
1. Restrict inflammation spreading.
2. Reduce existing inflammation.
3. Block residual pain.

The unwritten step 4 is: come back and tell us how it’s going. 🙂