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Eggs are like milk products products in that they give you proteins which tend to be lacking in plants other than the lentils/beans type.
You can of course eat eggs but I didn’t mention eggs because the problem is that you’d need a whole lot of eggs (like 30 per week which is in my opinion too much) if you were to rely on them to replace meat without eating either milk products or the lentils/beans type of plants regularly. But as a complement, eggs are fine.
Eating meat is better than being malnourished so if you can’t or don’t want to eat a decent vegetarian diet, just avoid what your doctor told to avoid as well as processed meat if you don’t know what’s in it and stick to things like steaks.

So far as I know, depression doesn’t cause gout but could certainly have triggered gout if it caused you to change your eating or drinking habits for instance.
Thinking about suicide sounds like a warning sign. You can’t solve all your problems at the same time of course but I hope you have someone reliable in your life or a good doctor you can discuss this with.

I have gout in my family. 31 seems like a typical age to start having attacks.
If you can tolerate the drugs, it doesn’t have to be bad. Even without treatment, you wouldn’t suffer from gout all the time.
I never tried to lead a normal life (look at me typing a long message to a stranger on the web!) but I’ve known people with worse gout than mine who have been leading midsize businesses, sending their kids to college and so forth.
Finding the right drugs, testing them and so forth takes time but in spite of its painful wakeup call, gout is typically easier to manage than things like diabetes or heart disease.
If gout is the cause of your pain, going by the blood tests yours is pretty mild and should be easy to fix.

In the meantime you may be needing a stronger anti-inflammatory treatment than 100mg Aflamil so ask your doctor about that if you’re not satisfied with the effect of that pill.
In answer to your last question, gout attacks can take a long time to resolve, especially without colchicine. But you’ve just been presecribed new drugs so now may not be the best time to test yet another unfamiliar drug.