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Hi again,
There are three topics here: allopurinol, uric acid tests and purines.

About allopurinol, it’s usually recommended to start with a lower dose such as 100 mg and to increase the dose after a week or so if you’re doing OK. I don’t know where your ancestors came from but some Asians do not react well to that drug and lower doses must be less dangerous.
People often do a blood test after a month of so to see if the dose they’re taking is not stressing their liver and kidneys and whether it’s sufficient to lower their uric acid.
Allopurinol can also trigger serious gout symptoms so you need to be ready to deal with that. That is a normal part of the process of curing gout. So people often take colchicine or some other drug along with allopurinol during the first months.

About uric acid tests, lots of factors can affect them so variations are to be expected.
In particular, exercise, not eating enough and rapid weight loss can raise your uric acid.
Nevertheless, the fact that you tested so high suggests that your average uric acid level might be higher than previously assumed.

About purines in your diet, they are not the only factor determining how much uric acid you get. Your cider, bananas and fuji apple (a particularly sweet variety) may have slightly increased your uric acid for instance.
It’s also a stretch to say cauliflower and spinach are high in purines. They’re only high compared to milk and eggs and you can hardly live on that. If you tried, your kidneys might struggle to get rid of your uric acid and you might actually end up with kidney stones.
There are foods (mostly some meats and sea products) which have a lot more purines than vegetables and these are the ones which you would do well to avoid until your gout problem is sorted out.