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Agreed. The haemoglobin is definitely the priority now so I think I’ll turn of allopurinol tomorrow and take blood tests bi-weekly to see how the UA levels and haemoglobin levels pan out. Im not expecting much in the way of a haemoglobin change but I’ll be so upset to see the UA levels rise.
I guess one final option would be to reduce allopurinol to 200mgs and see how that goes but that would put me in gout hell surely? I was at 386 ummol/l on 200mgs of Allopurinol and the rheumatologist mentioned that might be just enough to keep you at bay to see if your haemoglobin recovers to safer levels on that lower dose.

I’m really holding onto the wishful thinking that the last 40 days of being on 400mgs and at 283 ummol/l enough crystals have dissolved to keep an attack at bay just for a little longer until we investigate the haemoglobin problem. I’m distraught that its come to this.

Can you believe the UK only dispense 80mgs as the lowest dose.
Could I just not cut the tablet in half and see how it goes myself?