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perfect, i’ll take a look around for some pill cutters. Worst case scenario is we can always just cut it in half to start with and work downwards or upwards. Like you say, we don’t want to overload the body too much as side effects are real.

Doctors wise, I also agree, they are not necessarily the books in the library but more so the librarians. They know were the books are and have a pretty good idea of how to reference them if they need to or assist someone if they need to.

I’ll do a little research as to how long allopurinol generally stays in the body but my opinion I think as you say its not long. You see the kidneys are responsible for producing EPO which is a hormone that stimulates bone marrow to create blood (which in turn increases haemoglobin). If Allopurinol as a chemical leaves the body swiftly and since Allopurinol is metabolised in the kidney then the kidneys should ideally return to their optimal functional level (correct EPO levels for my condition) regardless of the duration of whatever molecules are floating around UNLESS, those molecules are indeed what is causing the blood haemoglobin suppression.

We have become speculative specialists 🙂

Finally, I saw my GP today to discuss this briefly with her and she asked me to do a blood test today so we have a baseline a day after stopping. She went on to say we will do one in two weeks and then a further one two weeks later. She really is extremely supportive and wants to get to the bottom of this just as much as I do.

I guess the coin has been tossed, Allopurinol has stopped, and now its about the consequences (if any) over the next 30 days.

Wish me luck nobody.