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@nobody; agreed on the dosage situation. I’ve got my second blood test next week and a visit to the haematologist to discuss and check things out. Since stopping allopurinol every time I get a touch of pain in either of my feet I think it’s a gout flare about to start. Yes, I’m that worried. I really don’t want to take any drugs at least until my first blood test next week. Around 23 days or so to go until the end. I bet my uric acid levels are already at 400 ummol or something. Type something to keep up my morale 🙂

; I was wondering if you had a chance to read the above post #4071.

Finally and off topic, the known UA lowering tomato and gazpacho soup aside, are eating lots of tomatoes in general ok with uric acid (purines etc.) or would it be wise to limit them for now despite them being fruit/vegetable purines..?