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Rich Blazeski

Hi Keith, how can we start this structured help plan?
today I finished the 20 pills of Milurit-100 mgs, and I m thinking to stop them for 7 8 days and retake the blood test.
Also since I started the 20 days of Milurit I had at least 2 liters of water per days and significantly reduced the intake of meat, actually I have ate meat only for 5-6 meals ( small portion in the last month).
As I said in my previous posts is that I lost 3 kgs at least and I am at -60 kgs now, and started to take some vitamins today and I also started to use to take some black currant leafs tea. (two cups per day) for few days now.
In the last days I feel like my knees are a bit colder then usual, both of them.

Next monday I ll retake the blood test. please tell me how we can start the plan.

thank you