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Rich Blazeski

Now I am in my second Alopurinol series of 20 days per month/100 mg per day.
Anyhow I manage it very hard, is very tough for me to think that I can t have a glass of wine 2 3 times per week..I didn’t drink before over measure, only few beers at ocasions, a glass of wine, and some 3 4party per year with hangover.
Indeed I didn t have a serious attack,I don t know what pain it is, I think what I was experienced was nothing compared with others.
My last value was 4.3 and my highest measurred was 5.9. Inside myself I still hope is not gout, but my rational mind..tell me that can t be something else.
Hope you are good too guys and as it s vacation time, I wish you a nice vacation and try sunny places 🙂