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Keith Taylor

Now that I can see thousands of interested visitors here, I have done some more research.

Specifically, I went looking for infectious diseases that might be related to high uric acid or gout. Because that would explain my ideas from my original post. But, the results I found don’t shine much light on the problem.

Firstly, I looked at Pyelonephritis, which is the medical term for a kidney infection. But, the research I found was not conclusive or specific. Next, I looked at HIV. But again, there is no clear link. Because the most likely gout cause is HIV treatments. Rather than the infectious disease itself.

So, it remains an interesting topic. But there is little evidence to show that secondary gout is contagious. However, there might be a small number of edge cases that I haven’t found yet.

To conclude:
1. Gout is definitely not contagious.
2. Infectious diseases might cause secondary gout. But I cannot support this with case results yet.
3. If you have septic arthritis, but you think it is gout, you might spread that disease.