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Keith Taylor

Hey Rebecca, I totally understand how overwhelming things can be when you first learn you have gout. In my case, I wasted a lot of time reading stuff on the Internet. Then, I eventually learned that 95% is self-serving garbage. Now, with the growth of the Internet, the situation is even worse. But, I try to maintain GoutPal with a logical approach backed by real science.

Now, if you restrict yourself to studying British Rheumatology Guidelines and NHS information, you should soon realise that our health service is better than most. So, you now have a great allopurinol plan with your doctor. Or, at least the basics sound correct.

If I were in your shoes, I’d forget about everything else and focus on getting your uric acid controlled. Then, you will not be troubled by gout, and your life will take on a new happier meaning in a few months.

All the recent posts coupled with some personal problems are delaying my progress on new styles of structured plans. But, it’s only a slightly different format from what we are doing here.

So, let’s get all your allopurinol issues resolved here. Then, tell me which of your other topics you want to resolve next.