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Keith Taylor

I don’t think Google is the issue. Because I’ve learned many useful gout facts from Google Scholar. Also, that has guided me to search for meaningful topics on the main Google site, and on Google Plus. So, let’s just forget the Internet for a moment, and think about real life.

When you have a health problem, do you nip down the pub or cafe to discuss it with interesting people you never met before? Or do you stand on murky streets and consult the drug users and their dealers? Up here in Leeds, the police and local government have collaborated to try and create a tolerated zone for street sex workers. I’m sure they’ll have lots of interesting health issues to discuss. šŸ˜³

Seriously, Rebecca, I’m not trying to be offensive. But why would you discuss your health with thieves and vagabonds? They’ll either rob you blind or lead your health astray. Beware, strangers!

Google Gout Search
Use the Google box at the top of each page here. Unfortunately, it isn’t perfect. Because any search engine is only truly useful when you know what to ask. But 9 times out of 10, you’ll get an answer from my Google Gout Search. Or, results that help you frame your next search better. For instance, search for nocebo.