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Keith Taylor

1. Sorry d_q, that’s all a bit too general. I need a timeline of walking and pain meds to understand your symptoms in relation to pain meds. Can you give me an hour-by-hour list of symptoms, meds, and exercise?

2. I keep getting 2 maximum a day wrong. Because it’s actually max of 3 colchicine tabs per day unless they are 1mg tablets. Even then, individual cases might warrant more. But personally, I’ve never taken more than 2 per day (0.5mg). Or, had the need to.
I’m putting the discrepancies down to lack of distinguishing between preventative colchicine and “as required”. In future, I’ll try to take more care. But, in my defense, most of my lack of focus is down to analyzing what-if scenarios. I’m usually better when I’m discussing this in an actual one-on-one situation.

3. Until you feel the need to stop.

I feel like I’m getting an education here on taking more time to vet questions before I make assumptions and spout advice that might be too general. So, I need to emphasize there is no right way to take colchicine. There are certainly wrong ways because too much of this poison is fatal. But the right way is more about understanding what is going on in your body, from day-to-day and during the day.

Personally, I try to be acutely aware of symptoms and how they are progressing. Because it’s better to adjust gout pain medicine on an hour-by-hour assessment rather than blindly rely on x number of pills per day.

Finally, if you are concerned about taking colchicine, I would always advise not taking it. Why burden yourself with the anxiety of drugs you don’t want to take when there are alternatives for gout pain control?

To explain, we are discussing the 1st stage of a 3 stage gout pain prevention plan. Which means stopping, or limiting, inflammation from getting worse. So, the choice is colchicine, steroids, or nothing. Personally, I will only take steroids if a doctor forces them on me when I’m unconscious. But, other people love them. Again, personally, I went many many years with adequate pain control from ibuprofen and paracetamol. I just found colchicine added speed and convenience to the mix. Also, I’m concerned about the long-term effects of high dose NSAIDs. But, I’m perfectly happy with low dose colchicine.

Anyway, that’s enough of my rambling for now. But, I’ll probably add lots more once you reply about Q1.