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urankjj .

Thank you for your detailed reply. Sorry that I disappeared for 3+ months. But life seems to get in the way of a lot of stuff. Anyway, since there is so little research on Malic acid supplementation and it’s effect on gout I decided to go the genie pig route myself, and I have been taking one 600 mg capsule of malic acid, (the label say’s,from apples), daily, plus one sometimes two, 450mg cap’s of apple cider vinegar, daily, since my last post. No major attacks at all. Only some minor flare-ups that I think may have been related to uric acid build up. But I’ve had no new blood work either to substantiate anything. I will be going in for complete bloodwork and a routine check-up within the next 14 day’s. I will get back to you with the numbers and results. Take care and stay gout-free……