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Keith Taylor

Hey, Urankjj, don’t worry about taking a break. Because we all need one from time to time. So, it’s good to see you back.

Good luck with your guinea pig experiments. I hope you can find a way forward. But, if you need any help assessing symptoms etc, just ask.

I look forward to reading your blood test results. Because, without those, all I can do is generalize. But, you need specific treatments to make your uric acid safe. Also, don’t forget that each day uric acid is much over 6mg/dL, you will get more uric acid crystals forming. And that happens even on days where you have no symptoms.

By the way, your topic about malic acid generates a lot of interest. There are hundreds of people reading this each month. Though, none have joined in yet, which is not unusual. So, no pressure, but there are probably thousands of people by now who are waiting for you to prove, one way or the other if malic acid helps gout. How do you like them apples! 😉