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@BigA – this is exactly what I am witnessing with my situation. Every time I go on a ‘not so lengthy walk’ I would get aching feet and would need to put them up. I too can run but again, aching feet when I get back.
I personally haven’t taken any ibuprofen or colchicine for the persisting inflammation despite my rhumatologist telling me to go on colchicine to speed up inflammation recovery. I think if the pain is tolerable I tend to try and avoid medications.

One thing I would like to mention is to maybe avoid stretching the joint too much (if at all) at this stage until you have gone at least 6 months with no attacks -and- with uric acid under control with medication or with diet as stretching joints can sometimes in itself cause a gout flare due to the dislodging of any crystals. Be careful on this one mate.

I too have lost some stretch motion but can still run and walk but I will be avoiding any stretching beyond what I can normally do under normal foot power until I get my uric acid under control again and a good few months have passed.

Just out of interest what are your current uric acid readings?