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Hi Colin,
It would be reckless not to try to get the root cause of your problem under control. Just ask yourself this: how do you think you’d fare without ibuprofen? Maybe you’ll be able to take ibuprofen for the rest of your life. But it is a dangerous drug to take on a regular basis. Maybe you’ll have to cut down or even quit at some point down the road. And then what?
We don’t know that you have gout but if you do, chances are you won’t be able to fix it by tweaking your diet. One problem is that the foods which trigger the pain are not always the foods that actually cause the problem. So you could make your problem more bearable while it keeps slowly damaging your body.
I strongly recommend you see a doctor, do the testing they’ll put your through and get a solid diagnosis. You won’t have to take medication just because you have a diagnosis. The point is to stop wasting your time and to obtain solid information about the problem you have and the solutions. This thing is, finding a good doctor who understands the type of thing you’re going through may not be easy.