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I’ve spent many years with SUA in Big’s range (something I wouldn’t recommend if you can avoid it!).
Sure, “stretching joints can sometimes in itself cause a gout flare”. I experienced this myself. But from there to wait for 6 months without attacks to deal with limited range of motion? Really?
The first problem with your recommendation is that Big isn’t on ULT and ain’t likely to get rid of their symptoms anytime soon. And I’ve been told leaving a joint in this condition too long might cause irreversible damage (then again I’ve been told my share BS over the years).
Second, stretching is in my experience most dangerous in two cases:
-if the relevant joint is still swollen and painful (even if the pain and swelling are way down)
-if I do weight-bearing stretching
I’ve spent quite a few years dealing with this and haven’t triggered a serious attack by gentle, non-weight-bearing stretching after the inflammation of the relevant joint was gone (or very nearly so). I don’t mean attack-free because other joints may be affected. And by “after”, I mean as quickly as a few days after I was left with mostly painless loss of range (and sometimes redness).
But of course our bodies work differently so everyone has to carry out their own experiments to see what they can and can’t handle…