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Hi again,
I used to have similar fluctuations in my test results even though I didn’t go back to meat or vary the time of the day when blood was taken. But maybe you’ll manage to find an explanation for the fluctuations and confirm it if you do more tests.
In the meantime, unless your 7.5 mg/dl test was carried out after a meal or physical exercise, I would take it as a sign that you need to do more to reduce your uric acid. Your body may for instance have been struggling to get rid of dissolving uric acid which is not a situation you want to perpetuate.
Maybe further testing will reveal that test to be an anomaly but you shouldn’t take that for granted. 7.5 mg/dl is simply too high for someone who is still suffering from symptoms. When there is that much uric acid in your blood, it put your recovery on hold and makes your symptoms worse.
Unless you want to keep suffering from gout for several years, you should consider taking a drug which lowers uric acid. You may be able to achieve consistently acceptable levels of uric acid with the help of more herbal medicine, further dietary restrictions, hydration, alkalization, dairy, vitamins, cherries, salt, coffee and so forth but that may require you to be thorough, patient and disciplined. Pharmaceuticals are easier and more reliable. And people such as yourself who do not have very high uric acid need not necessarily keep taking drugs to prevent the symptoms from coming back after the therapy has succeded.