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I’m OK. Hope you are too.

I think we already went over this (or at least part of it) so I’ll try a different, synthetic approach…

Painkillers work quickest but only make you feel better and do not prevent damage.
NSAIDs work fairly quickly to reduce inflammation as well as violent damage but in my experience do not reliably put a stop to existing inflammation.
Colchicine works slowly but, in addition to its use as a prophylactic, actually seems to put a stop to existing inflammation. It won’t quite stop slow damage if crystals are forming obviously. And because it acts slowly, it’s not as effective as NSAIDs in preventing violent damage. It does however help prevent all kinds of damage including indirect damage such as the effects of long-lasting mobility loss.
Simply Waiting is the slowest solution. It works every time if you’re patient enough. But like painkillers, it does nothing to prevent damage.

I don’t have enough experience with corticosteroids and suchlike (never used that orally or intravenously) to comment on where they fit in the picture.

By the way, since you had asked about that the other day, I tried febuxostat+colchicine+NSAID+PPI (the last is apparently not something you require) during a flareup and it went well. Like I had told you, I didn’t take a very large amount of colchicine (less than I would have if I hadn’t taken an NSAID) because I like to experiment by starting with what seems the least risky before moving on to what might cause more side effects.
I also tried a PPI without an NSAID to pin down the cause of minor side effects and oddly enough, that did seem to relieve inflammation. Probably a coincidence.