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You may have taken less Naproxen than (as Homer would put it) iron-stomached, steel-livered Keith would have used. I would certainly not take that much.
And if you take more NSAIDs in order to be mobile, it makes sense that inflammation is stopped quicker. That’s what taking a very strong NSAID dose is supposed to do.

About painkillers:
I think taking painkillers to be mobile is riskier than taking anti-inflammatories for the same purpose. Even considering that crystals can cause mechanical damage besides inflammation, anti-inflammatories do reduce the risk of damage. And crystals can cause damage outside of attacks.
Sorry if my insistence is annoying but effective doses of paracetamol are hard on the liver. If you’re already taking other medications which are known to cause liver problems, be careful. And if your liver function hasn’t been tested since you’ve started one such medication… well then, I would recommend not touching the stuff. There are other painkillers.

Now as to your questions:
I don’t know whether ignoring pain and walking during an attack might cause OA. What it definitively can cause is immediate and non-permanent problems. Slow damage is harder to understand, as are things like OA. There seems to be an interaction between OA and gout but I don’t know what processes are involved.
It stands to reason that abusing your joints, tendons and so forth could in some cases cause permanent damage. You also risk accidents when you push yourself.
But then, not being mobile for very long also involves a risk of long-lasting and possibly permanent damage, right? The same goes for not using the full range of movement of a joint, I guess.
My assumption is that minimizing risks is a balancing act. As far as attacks lasting a few days are concerned, the risks invovled in immobility seem very small compared to the risks involved in mobility. When you’re talking about symptoms lasting months however…

I’d be interesting in knowing the opinion of your current rheuma.