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I knew you’d appreciate it so I got it tested again: no change, still a touch lower than it used to be but not weird. Could be a random variation… not the most likely explanation perhaps but at least my hemo didn’t keep dropping. That would have been more significant. As it stands, it’s nowhere near my one clearly anomalous hemo test result (that was after a surgery).

Yes, you are finally getting adequate testing. But I was commenting on your infrequent tests before we even knew about the hemo issue. That leisurely testing pace didn’t just make it harder than necessary to detect and pin down your hemo problem but also led to a slow dose increase. As a result, you had already spent too long with an above-target SUA before you stopped allo. And then your break between drugs kept getting extended… all in all, not the best way to prevent or stop chronic inflammation, I’d say. If the reason for such a long break was a course of colchicine, presdnisone or something, OK. But simply waiting?
The reason I’m being a bit of an asshole right now isn’t that I want to dwell on the past but that I think you could benefit for expediting the next steps, especially in case it turns out febuxostat doesn’t work for you either.