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I mean I’m not used to having so many attacks of this type. They had become quite rare and now I’m basically getting one every other week more or less at the same location.
I was saying that’s not a big surprise on account of my ongoing ULT.

My hemo tests didn’t seem to be affected by febuxostat dosage but n=2. Meaning that the lack of change in observed hemo values could easily be a coincidence. Either way, I don’t have enough data to conclude anything other than what I’ve already told you.

I’m not currently taking NSAIDs. But it takes a while for the liver to recover. I guess taking something like febuxostat every day doesn’t help.
Like I told you, I tried mild “combination therapy” for one of these recent attacks, in part because you had asked about it and I had never tried that on top of febuxostat. Normally I would only use colchicine.
I don’t know if colchicine is technically an NSAID but I don’t call it that though we use it as an anti-inflammatory. I think paracetamol is technically an NSAID but we generally don’t call it that, do we? I used the phrase “and stuff” in case there was any doubt regarding the semantics, hoping that it would make clear that all drugs used in the face of gout symptoms were included. But since I’m only playing an English speaker on the Internet, I guess my shorthands must sometimes be opaque. And jokes about how words sound will be lost on me.

In case you’re wondering why I’m not getting yet another joke, I don’t know this Bourne fellow. No matter.