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Colin Purves

I hope others don`t mind me updating on progress or non-progress as it may be from time to time. It certainly helps me to get things down on paper so to speak,and there is always the possibility that others may be suffering from the same conditions,i.e. Gout and overproduction of red blood cells.

Gout has now manifested itself in my right thumb with a vengeance.This is the second day and its difficult to tell if its just getting started or if it has peaked,but the thumb is swollen,red,mis-shapen and very painful.I was surprised and at the same time intrigued as to why the thumb,when i`ve never had gout in my hands or elbows,only feet and knees.The first finger also has a small white lump(Tophi?) developed in the top joint near the nail.Definition in knees continuing to improve(minutely) and feet sometimes cool when previously were on fire .Continuing to take 2x100mg allopurinol per. day.

In relation to the over production of red blood cells,this now has a name(Polycythaemia Vera)PV. All literature that I have read so far,all mention that Gout is one of the symptoms of PV.
Incidentally PV apparently is only discovered on a routine blood test and is a rare condition.
Drawing off of blood is starting point of treatment,So far i`ve had 2 pints taken off on 2 separate occasions over the past 2 weeks.Objective is to reduce haemoglobin level.