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Keith Taylor

Thank you for your feedback. However, I’m not clear what exactly you are referring to.

Where did you get your research from that a vegan diet is so high in purines?

Please can you clarify where you read this exactly. Then I can help you and others by explaining clearly why a vegan diet is NOT high in purines.

yeast extract and MSG are two of the worst things for gout

Again, please can you clarify this. Because it sounds like one of those made-up so-called facts that we see on many Internet sites. But I cannot find any real evidence to support that assertion.

I agree with you on the value of gout sufferers avoiding processed foods. But the problems are not restricted to vegetarians and vegans. Also, I believe there are many additives in processed foods that are worse for gout sufferers than the two you mention. But I won’t expand on that until I’m clear about exactly what we are discussing here.