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You’d need the results of “clean” (drug-free) blood test for comparison before you can get a good picture of what’s going on but these numbers are not worrying as such. I had much worse alanine aminotransferase results on only 40mg Uloric for instance. And there are guidelines only recommending you quit such drugs when the numbers are much higher as well.
So unless you have symptoms of liver distress outside of the blood tests, I’d say your situation merely warrants more frequent blood tests to see if these numbers get worse over time. Having aspartate transaminase numbers would be useful as well in my opinion. If your liver values are stable, you’re probably OK. But like I said earlier, a slightly lower Uloric dose might be a good idea considering the balance of risks.

Yes, the “crushing news” is basically my opinion… my unqualified opinion I should add.

I don’t know of anyone in Ireland but I think any open-minded doctor would understand the situation if you showed them the numbers and the relevant medical guidelines. Trouble is, how are you going to get a doctor to take enough time out of their day to give a good look at your case? Hopefully you know someone who knows a doctor or something.