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Dean Brown

Thanks very much again for your opinions. I called my doctor this afternoon, told him my concerns about the low dose of Allopurinol, how I believe consultant confused what I said about having burning and swelling and redness as me saying I was having gout attacks every night, and how maybe I brought my acid levels down too quick, and he has agreed that my blood results re: liver were ok after the Uloric and that it seemed to have been working for me since my levels halved and it didn’t cause the stomach upset I’m having on the Allopurinol, so he has put me back on it at a lower dose commencing tomorrow. Hopefully the two weeks I’ve been off it won’t have caused my acid to shoot too high and that I’ll get it back down to the same level soon. I’ll put up with the swelling and burning if I know that it’s a consequence of the crystals dissolving and it’ll mean I’ll recover soon. It really didn’t sit well with me when the rheumatologist took me off Uloric with only the explanation that “it can cause more intense gout attacks than Allopurinol”. Hopefully I’ll be on the road to recovery soon. Thanks again, guys.