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Dean Brown

Told me to check with the pharmacist whether the 80mg can be split and to take 40mg a day. The doctor said there isn’t a 40mg prescription for Uloric in Ireland, only the 80mg. Said if it cannot be split then I’m to take the 80mg every second day – don’t know if that’d be the best thing to do though. Might just grin and bare the 80mg if it’s not splittable.

That’s right about the Difene – I’m not taking anything else and the Difene doesn’t seem to have much effect since I’ve been on them so long. Have an emergency prescription for cortosteroid, a week’s worth, if things get too much. They do help me since Colchicine just gives me diarrhea and very little relief. Doctors here are hesitant to prescribe steroids for gout for some reason. Not having trouble sleeping – I usually have settled the burning and swelling with Epsom salt baths or alternating between hot and cold. No history of drug or alcohol abuse – rarely took medication before all this and I drink very little (haven’t had a much as a glass of wine since April). Mentioned how anxious and down I’ve been because of this to the doctor (I’ve also had a rare bone disease diagnosis to deal with this year and fertility issues which led me to the supplements that spiked my acid) and he wanted to put me on more medication. Been trying CBT techniques I’ve read about to try manage the hopelessness I feel. It’s hard to do so when you keep getting pain and have restricted movement daily. I usually exercise 4 times a week and cannot do cardio because of my foot nor can I lift anything with my hand. I’m not a good swimmer so that has cancelled that as an option (haven’t had the mental capacity to try take lessons). Tried being very strict with diet and it was giving me a complex about what I should and shouldn’t eat and this was difficult in itself. I’ve a pretty balanced diet so I’ve just been a bit more vigilant. I’m 6 foot 2 and 14.5 stone and I try drink 2.5 litres minimum a day. Tried all the natural remedies too to no avail unfortunately. I’m really hoping the Uloric will get me out of the woods and all of this can be put behind me so I can focus on my hand surgery next year.