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Dean Brown

The pharmacist advised me against cutting the 80mg Uloric pill in half (it’s branded as Adenuric here and the pill is tapered and film-coated), so I’ll have to accept the burning, swelling and tightness in the joints. Hopefully it won’t be as intense this time, since I’ve had two injections into the toe and hopefully the acid drop won’t be as extreme. Thanks for all the great tips above. My plan is to take the daily 80mg of Uloric, stay on the 150mg of Difene and the 30mg PPI until inflammation resides, and if the side effects from the acid lowering cause me a lot of grief, I can seem to handle 6 Colchicine over three days (or 1 over six days) before the diarrhoea starts, and if that’s not good enough, I have a week of Presnisone in case of excruciating pain. I’ve Codipar tablets as an analgesic but am hesitant to take anything extra that might have adverse effects on my liver function. Doctor has told me to come back for bloods in late December or early January. I’m hoping I’ll be close to being out of the woods by then. I certainly believe I’ve more of a chance of that being on Uloric (since it clearly halved my levels in 40 days) than taking low doses of Allopurinol only to go back to the consultant in January after bloods and him telling me that I need even more of the medication to get the levels down, and then go through the reduction of acid and the dissolving of the crystals in the new year. Really appreciate the time and thoughtful responses on here. Feel like I’m not just suffering alone and trying to work out my best options myself.