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Keith Taylor

To get back to your uric acid test results fluctuations @d-q

I can understand your “need to know reasons”. In fact, it’s one of the cornerstones of an article I’m researching about doctor-patient relationships in gout management.

But I’m sorry that I can’t really add to the points already discussed. Except to think that the most likely explanation is that clusters of uric acid crystals dissolve haphazardly. So no uric acid blood test can accurately measure the debulking process. Ironically, they only become “accurate” in this context once the debulking phase has ended. So without DECT, there’s no way of knowing.

Sorry, I can’t give comfort. But the best analyst of individual results has to be the doctor who ordered the test. I trust you voiced your concerns about your results. So what response did you get?

I think doctor’s answers are very important in gout management. Because when I was at a similar stage to you, I was extremely frustrated that I knew more about uric acid test results than 3/4 doctors I consulted. Happily, the last one gave me all the help and support I needed. I still remember how I felt as if I was walking on air when I strolled home after that consultation.

Our medical situations are different @d-q. But the strength of good doctor support is something that helps all gout sufferers.