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All great information! Thank you.

It’s funny that cherries, maybe the oldest and definitely the most mentioned “gout remedy”, have virtually no clinical evidence to back them up. In fact the best information on cherries and gout I’ve seen surmises that they’re most useful as an anti-inflammatory from their anthocyanin content.

I was also under the impression dairy was recommended more so for its use as a low purine protein replacement, not so much because it “lowers uric acid”. Helping to lower uric acid through substitution, not inherently. I think the low fat dairy recommendation comes from the summary assumption that most gout sufferers are generally, overweight, have high cholesterol, or have other conditions such as diabetes. If these aren’t the case and weight/other health factors aren’t an issue, I wouldn’t concern myself with “low fat”.

Talking about fat, fats were much maligned during the second half of the Twentieth Century. People started getting fatter in conjunction with consuming mass produced, processed, preserved, and heavily sugar laden foods. Refined sugars were the culprit, but fat and its additional 5 calories per gram, got the blame. As someone who is in good shape and eats an excellent diet of natural, whole and nutritionally dense foods (now with my hyperuricemia taken into account too), I embrace good quality fats and incorporate them properly into my diet rather than avoiding them.

A bit of nutritional advice to anyone who cares to listen: Avoid processed and modified fats as much as possible. Soya bean oil (which EVERYTHING preprepared is made with!), canola oil, “vegetable” and corn oils, and butter substitutes such as margarine and other substitute spreads, all terrible. These fats are so heavily processed with heat and chemicals that the body fails to recognize them as the vital macronutrient they should be, and instead treats them like toxins. The body is confused by them, and anything the body doesn’t know what to do with gets stored as, you guessed it… Fat! Body fat. Much the same as High Fructose Corn Syrup and many preservatives, which are also in almost everything “pre-made”, they confuse the body and get stored in fat cells.